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Fundamentals of Astronomy: A guide for Olympiads written by Flavio Salvati has been immense for me.

It's not been more than 2 weeks that I have started reading this book but I have enjoyed it a lot enough to recommend it to every aspiring student wanting to get involved in the Astronomy Olympiads and Astronomy as a whole.

Especially for someone preparing for the Astronomy Olympiads with little guidance, this book is a must. You can find clear explanations along with adequate 'exercises' and 'problems' primarily targeted for Astronomy Olympiads. Exercises for practicing the skills you have learnt and Problems for building new approaches and insights on a topic. Even for casual readers wanting to learn about Astronomy this book will help a lot.

As a cherry on the top, the daily questions with solutions offered via emails are just amazing.

-Aakash Gurung, Nakhipot - Nepal, Jan. 2021