List of corrections

Here is a list of corrections that have been suggested so far.

Every time a correction is found, the book is usually updated within 48 hours, so it is likely that your verison will contain only a small part of the mistakes highlighted here.

Chapter 7: Electromagnetic Radiation

p. 71: In "rms velocities of molecular nitrogen (506 km/s) and oxygen (473 km/s)", km/s should be m/s - Harish Krishnakumar

Chapter 8: Flux and Magnitude

p. 95: The height of the atmosphere at zenith distance z should be h/cos(z), instead of h/sin(z) - O.F.

Chapter 14: Exercises Solutions

p. 159, Ex 2.5: The ecliptic obliquity should be 23 deg 27 prime instead of 27 deg 27 prime - O.F.

p.161, Ex 2.12: The latitude of Gianna should be 77.5 deg W (not E) - O.F.

p.180, Ex 8.1: Factor of 4 missing at the denominator of the expression for the flux on Earth - O.F.


p.280: The addition formula of sin(a+b) should be sin a cos b + cos a sin b instead of sin a cos b + cos a cos b - Akshat Kerni.